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ASD - newsletter 15
ASD simulationNEWS 15
-Testing dental implants
- FDA "Critical Path Initiative"
-Modelling and simulation in dementia research



ASD - newsletter 14
ASD simulationNEWS 14
-Flow around buildings and heating, ventilation, air conditioning (HVAC)
-European research project ARTreat
-Quality management (QM)



ASD - newsletter 13
ASD simulationNEWS 13
-CFD and FEA in process engineering
-Heat storage
-Analysis of erosion processes in technical applications



ASD - newsletter 12
ASD simulationNEWS 12
-„Critical Path”-Initiative of FDA for validation of flow simulations and blood damage predictions

Plastics - deformation without failure


Successful completion of the international research project “AneurIST”

ASD - newsletter 11
ASD simulationNEWS 11
-Stress analysis on a pump housing
-European research project ARTreat

ASD - newsletter 10
ASD simulationNEWS 10
-Fracture treatment with plates
-Fluid mechanics in a microchannel

ASD - newsletter 9
ASD simulationNEWS 9
-Blood mixing device - without damage
-Individually adapted dental implant

ASD - newsletter 8
ASD simulationNEWS 8
-Structure mechanical examination of the high tibia osteotomy
-Aneurysm simulation to prevent stroke

ASD - newsletter 7
ASD simulationNEWS 7
-Analysis of necrosis risk in bone screws
-Simulation-based optimisation of oxygenators
-Thrombosis formation in medical devices

ASD - newsletter 6
ASD simulationNEWS 6
-Analysis of strain in human bone
-FE-simulation of bone remodelling
-Numerical analysis and controlling of bioreactors with cell growth
-Flow simulation within the cardiovaskular system using GRID technology

ASD - newsletter 5
ASD simulationNEWS 5
-Flow analysis in a blood vessel with a stent
-Theoretical lifetime assessment of implants
-Clean room simulation in the qualification process

ASD - newsletter 4
ASD simulationNEWS 4
-Structural analysis of dental implants
-Flow simulation of a clean room
-Simulation of thermal systems with evaporation

ASD - newsletter 3
ASD simulationNEWS 3
-Operation planning tool for selection of patient-specific optimised hip prostheses
-Multi-phase flows
-Elastic-plastic stress analysis with various material models

ASD - newsletter 2
ASD simulationNEWS 2
-Stress analysis and thread optimisation for bone screws
-Coupled flow and structural mechanical analysis
-Blood damage prediction and clot modelling

ASD - newsletter 1
ASD simulationNEWS 1
-CFD analysis and what it can do
-FEM analysis and what it can do
-The virtual dialyzer
-Deformation of roller pump components
-Loading of orthopaedic implants