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Based on intensive research activities and industrial contacts of its founder, Dr. Catrin Bludszuweit-Philipp, in the areas of modern engineering simulation methods, ASD Advanced Simulation & Design GmbH was founded in 1996 based in Rostock, Germany.

ASD - Service offers in simulation for medical engineering and technology

Since then we offer to our customers comprehensive services in the field of simulation-based product design and development. In the course of this, our general target is a broad system analysis focussing at the optimisation of the device or component in question which considers the manyfold inter-relations between physical, chemical and, in some cases, also biological processes. The competences and renowned expertise of our team in the areas of numerical flow simulation (CFD) and structure-mechanical analysis (FEA), thermal and chemical calculations as well as biological simulations offer the necessary basis for that.
ASD Advanced Simulation & Design GmbH with its long-term experiences in biological simulations, is one of the pioneers in the application of modern simulation-based design methods to medical devices. With internationally leading research activities, for instance in the field of blood damage prediction or thrombosis modelling, ASD contributes to a number of significant European research projects (see International network).

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Our dominating goal in all contacts to industrial customers and research partners is the timely delivery of high-quality services which for our customers mean a direct yield in insights, cost savings and value of their products. In this process, a manageable company size and a team of specialists are the guarantee for a direct contact to the customer and high flexibility. Our scientifically-based approach to problem solutions, modern hardware equipment and the use of world-leading software packages as well as the compliance with high quality standards puts us in the position to meet the requirements of particularly demanding virtual product developments. Because we work for our customers in the most different branches solving a wide range of diverse tasks, we most likely have the experiences with the particular problems and requirements also from your industry.

We look forward to design the future of virtual technology
and modern product development in cooperation with you!


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