Thermal Simulation

free and forced convection
heat transfer, radiation, phase transition
thermal coupling of structure and fluid
thermal load of parts

Flow Simulation - CFD

velocity field and pressure loss
turbulence, shear and momentum forces
steady and un-steady flows
Newtonian and non-Newtonian fluids
multi-phase flow

Structure Mechanics - FEA

static strength, durability, life time
krinking / buckling, fracture
mechanics, vibrations, component
interaction, contact analyses

Fluid-Structure Interaction FSI

valve flow, flow around sails
pulsating flow in blood vessels,
vascular system and human organs
(example trachea)
medical devices (stents, balloon
catheter, membrane pump, heart valve)

Biocompatibility Prediction

mechanical cell damage
(for example: haemolysis)
thermal cell damage
flow-induced platelet activation
device-related thrombus formation
bone remodelling
thermal bone damage (necrosis)

Biological &
Chemical Simulations

cell growth/ metabolism / bio transformation
cell suspensions (blood)
mechanical and thermal cell damage
blood coagulation, bone remodelling
exothermic and endothermic reactions
diffusion and reaction limitation
steady and unsteady systems
combustion , smoke spreading
fluidic systems with & without phase transition
surface reactions

Part Optimisation /
Product Development

material consumption, control
behaviour, life time of parts
influence of manufacturing tolerances

Mass Transfer or
Mass Transport

osmosis, filtration
adsorption, diffusion and convection
particle separation, phase separation

Damage Analysis &
Damage Prediction

simulation of physical processes,
determination of damage causes by static
and dynamic load simulation,
recommendations for damage prevention
and part optimisation,