Individual training courses

Our offer for training in simulation methods is especially addressed to companies, which intend to set up their own simulation workplaces. These courses of instruction include theoretical fundamentals as well as the practical application of simulations.

An understanding of the principle procedures of fluid flow simulations (CFD), structure-mechanical predictions (FEM) and computational methods regarding thermal and chemical processes is provided. This is made with realistic examples, which can likewise originate from practical applications of the training participants.

The following issues will be covered:

basic theoretical fundamentals
characterisation of the particular problem
analysis and definition of the necessary boundary conditions
generation of the numerical model
performance of the simulation
problem-specific assessment of results
quality management (grid refinement, solver parameters, model selection, verification of results, ...)
measures to increase simulation efficiency
interaction with CAD systems

Further topics of interest may be inluded into the training sessions at the participants' desire.


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