Successfull completion of European project "VPH DARE@IT"

In March 2017, ASD’s participation in the EU-funded research project "Dementia Research enabled by IT" (VPH DARE @ IT) dealing with the subject of simulations-based dementia research was successfully completed.
Aim of the project is the generation of different modelling tools for the early diagnosis of various dementia diseases. The project comprised the expertise of 19 national and international partners, from industrial and academic research to clinical application.


Oxygen distribution in a capillary model after neuronal activity

Within this project, ASD GmbH coordinated the work on metabolic and biochemical modelling and developed a novel dementia-specific metabolic network model for the description of energy metabolism in the brain. The direct project partners, the University of Eastern Finland (UEF) and the Technical Research Center Finland (VTT) assisted in the development of patient-specific models for the progression of Alzheimer's disease.

The coupling of the simulation of capillary oxygen supply in the brain with the modelling of oxygen consumption as a result of neuronal activity, developed by ASD, represents a significant progress of the state of the art. It allows a personalised analysis using a multi-scale simulation pipeline and presents a novel, clinically applicable method of disease assessment and differential diagnosis. Furthermore, the obtained findings allow conclusions on the influence of metabolic and vascular changes on the analysis of data obtained by functional magnetic resonance tomography.

A model of brain energy metabolism developed within the project was published in the  Journal of Cerebral Blood Flow and Metabolism.


Schematic illustration of the coupling of different model components within the “VPH Dare @ IT” project

Analysis of fMRI image of a human brain using developed metabolic modelling tool