Optimization of wear behavior in the lubrication gap of joint prostheses

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 ...the design of an endoprosthetic joint replacement and the associated lubrication issue is of course not that simple, because the gap conditions of the joint pairs have an enormous influence on the implant lifetime and its pain-free use by the patient.

A novel, laser-induced microstructuring of the joint surfaces of the friction pairs is to serve maintenance of the tribological lubrication film to avoid premature wear.

For this purpose, ASD Advanced Simulation & Design GmbH has developed a method for a simulation-based design of such surface modifications for joint implants as part of the "MikroLas" project.

By modelling the lubrication gap conditions in a hip endoprosthesis under gait loading, an optimal microstructuring texture was selected in a targeted approach. The predicted increase in lubrication efficiency and the reduction of wear were demonstrated with rheological experiments and wear tests of micro-structured hip endoprostheses.

 ASD’s simulation model for the design of micro-structured surfaces of hip joint prostheses