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ASD Advanced Simulation & Design GmbH
Erich-Schlesinger-Str. 50
18059 Rostock

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Telephone: +49 381 4403270  /   Fax: +49 381 4403277


CEO: Opens window for sending emailDr. Catrin Bludszuweit-Philipp
Office: Opens window for sending emailofficeattasd-onlinedottcom
Project management: Opens window for sending emailprojectsattasd-onlinedottcom

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ASD sends only e-mails with the openPGP signature of our company. This ensures that e-mails come clearly from ASD and arrive unmodified at the recipient.

If you want to verify our e-mail or communicate encrypted with us, please use our public company key. asd_pub.asc

fingerprint: 8C53 41A2 26B2 2228 87BA EF27 4517 95CB 8E9D A374