Medical devices

Simulations are an integral part in the development of medical devices. Optimizations can already be simulated and carried out before the start of the test phase. This leads to a significant reduction of necessary tests and allows a more targeted use of inevitable animal experiments. Also in medical technology the trend is towards “medical remanufacturing”. That means disposable becomes reusable, the recycling of plastic medical products is unavoidable for reasons of climate protection and resource scarcity and requires targeted product adaptation in terms of dismantlability, reparability and sterilisability. Here, too, the use of targeted simulations lends itself.


The oxygenator is a part of the heart-lung-machine and can replace the function of the lung for a short time. It enriches the blood with oxygen and removes carbon dioxide from blood. The gas exchange occurs across gas-permeable membranes due

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With the methods of numerical flow simulation, the global and local flow conditions and mass transport processes in a dialyzer can be analysed and based on this the clearance properties can be characterised and optimised. The results of the simulation

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