Microsystems are used in many industries, from the development of pharmaceutical and medical products to cell-on-chip systems. Simulations make it possible to visualise fluid mechanical and biological processes that would otherwise not be accessible. The knowledge gained from this can be used to further improve the microfluidic system, microreactor or micropump under consideration.


The method of computational fluid dynamics (CFD) can be applied to microfluidics under the condition of the action of the continuum mechanical conservation laws. Analyses on the order of cell or particle sizes can be linked to this. The

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Simulation of the segmented flow (top) and representation of phase distribution in the microreactor (bottom)


Microreactors are reactors with extremely small structures (internal dimensions < 1mm). They perform tasks such as mixing, dispersing, gassing, precipitation, heat transfer and play an increasingly important role in process engineering. Their advantages lie in an increase in yield and

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