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ASD Web App – DIY Simulation Toolkit

3D vascular trees generated with the Vascular Tree Module (left) / Insulin release from liver cells (top) and oxygen supply of irregularly arranged cell clusters (bottom) calculated with Diffusion Solver

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Research project “3D Pivot”

The aim of the recently launched collaborative project “3D Pivot – 3D Bio-Printing for Insulin-producing Vascularized Organs Following Tumor Resection” is the further development of technology for sustainable bioprinting

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Blood damage

Hemolysis and the formation of thrombi are usually undesirable phenomena in blood pumps, dialyzers and other blood-carrying medical devices.
ASD has been developing simulation models for evaluating biological compatibility for over 20 years. With simultaneous optimization of the technical functionality, innovative devices and artificial organs with excellent biocompatibility are developed together with our customers.

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