The following is an overview of the industries in which ASD GmbH is active and offers services. This includes medical devices, mechanical engineering and process engineering as well as pharma and biotechnology. But we can also help you in heating, ventilating and air conditioning as well as in microsystems technology.

Medical devices

Our speciality Simulations are an integral part of the development of medical devices. Optimizations can be simulated and carried out even before the test phase begins. This leads to a significant reduction in prototype tests and unavoidable animal testing. In medical technology, the trend is also towards “medical remanufacturing”. This means that one-way becomes reusable, the recycling of plastic medical products is unavoidable for reasons of environmental sustainability and scarcity of resources, requiring targeted product adaptation in terms of dismantlability, repairability and sterilisability. Here, too, the use of targeted simulations is useful.

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Mechanical Engineering / Process Engineering

· Optimisation through simulation · Most sub-areas of mechanical engineering, such as materials science, fluid mechanics, technical thermodynamics, technical mechanics can be taken into account without any problems when applying the numerical methods. ASD GmbH has extensive experience in the simulation of stresses on complete machines and their components. Above all, with regard to factors such as resource efficiency, durability, lightweight construction and recyclability, numerical simulation can help to uncover sustainable alternatives. Process engineering deals with the technical and economic implementation of all processes in which a material conversion takes place. This includes the development and realisation of the corresponding

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Pharma & Biotechnology

· Complex assistance in R&D · Biotechnology deals with the conversion of findings from biology and biochemistry into technical or technically usable elements. In short, research results from the test tube must be adapted to the requirements of industrial production. New medicinal products must be tested for their quality, safety and efficacy in prescribed preclinical and clinical studies before they are approved for marketing by the drug authorities. Numerical simulation offers complex support for this and for the extensive research and development work of the pharmaceutical industry.

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Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning

· Strömungssimulationen in Räumen und Gebäuden · Air-conditioning and ventilation technology ensure the desired requirements for temperature, air humidity and air velocity in rooms. Closely connected to this are building services requirements, especially for ventilation and air-conditioning and heat supply systems. The underlying physical, fluid-mechanical and thermal processes are analysed and optimised using modern methods of numerical flow simulation and thus offer the possibility of previewing and effectively planning new buildings or rooms. The methods of numerical flow simulation have, for example, become an indispensable tool for the evaluation of air flows, particle loads and temperature distributions in cleanrooms. They

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· Simulations for microsystems · Microsystems are used in many industries, from the development of pharmaceutical and medical products to cell-on-chip systems. Simulations make it possible to visualise fluid mechanical and biological processes that would otherwise not be accessible. The knowledge gained from this can be used to further improve the microfluidic system, microreactor or micropump under consideration.

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