Modelling & Simulation

Flow simulations (CFD) and strength calculations (FEA) as well as the coupling of both approaches (FSI) under consideration of thermal effects represent the basic building blocks of modern numerical modelling for a variety of industrial tasks. The extensibility of the approaches to include thermal aspects, mass transfer and mass exchange as well as chemical, biological and physiological processes allows the use of these methods in a variety of different application scenarios.

The ASD GmbH uses these possibilities together with the technical and physical understanding of the employees to enable realistic, efficient and precise statements for various problems.

Computational Fluid Dynamics – CFD

Numerical flow simulations (Computational Fluid Dynamics Simulations – CFD Simulations) enable three-dimensional insights into complex flow processes, which could not be realised experimentally or only at great expense. Numerical flow simulation is not limited to simple flow simulation of liquids

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Structural Mechanics – FEM

Using realistic three-dimensional numerical models created on the basis of 3D CAD data, static and dynamic investigations as well as natural and forced vibration analyses can be carried out, taking into account non-linear geometric and/or material behaviour. The finite element

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Fluid Structure Interaction – FSI

Fluid Structure Interaction (FSI) combines the description of a flow with the interaction of a solid. The methods CFD and FEA are applied simultaneously to adequately describe complex systems. Examples include the contraction of blood vessels and their influence on

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