Below you will find an overview of the services offered by ASD GmbH. These include product development, biocompatibility, modelling and simulation as well as individual consulting for your company.

Modelling & Simulation

Decision-making reliability through precise and fast predictions Flow simulations (CFD) and strength calculations (FEA) as well as the coupling of both approaches (FSI) under consideration of thermal effects represent the basic building blocks of modern numerical modelling for a variety of industrial tasks. The extensibility of the approaches to include thermal aspects, mass transfer and mass exchange as well as chemical, biological and physiological processes allows the use of these methods in a variety of different application scenarios. ASD GmbH uses these possibilities together with the technical and physical understanding of the employees to enable realistic, efficient and precise statements

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Product development

Optimization as part of the development process Even before the technical production of a product or an individual component, simulation-based optimisation processes can be used to meet requirements for functionality, cost efficiency and innovation. ASD GmbH can help you with various questions, such as e.g. the reduction of material consumption optimisation of the control behaviour the extension of the component service life determining the influence of manufacturing tolerances or the biocompatibility of medical products. In addition, the entire product can be simulated as a digital twin and a large number of situations can be simulated accordingly.

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Transforming internal processes with an external partner In particular, companies that want to set up their own calculation workstations are offered consulting and training by ASD GmbH on both the theoretical fundamentals and application-oriented simulations. The basic procedures for carrying out flow simulations (CFD), structural-mechanical calculations (FEM), thermal or chemical calculation methods are taught as well as support in meeting criteria for quality management is offered.

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Ensuring compatibility through simulation The compatibility of medical devices or implants with biofluids or the human body is a decisive property for many medical technology products. With the help of simulations, detailed, three-dimensional insights into biological and physiological processes are accessible that would not be possible experimentally, or only with immense effort. The experience of ASD in the areas of: mechanical and thermal cell damage (haemolysis and denaturation) flow-induced platelet activation device-induced thrombus formation (white as well as red thrombus) bone remodelling as a result of loads from implants thermal bone damage, e.g. due to frictional forces when inserting the

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