Flow simulations to ensure comfort in the foyer of the "Athleticum am Volkspark"

Air flow
in a building

Indoor air temperatures and air flow in a public building are subject to strict comfort regulations. Therefore, the influence of the weather with different outside temperatures, wind strengths and wind directions on the distribution of airflow in a building should be taken into account at the start of construction planning.

Ronge company is significantly involved in the project planning of the new “Athleticum am Volkspark” in Hamburg and used the know-how of ASD GmbH to investigate precisely this problem in advance for the modernly designed entrance area. In the process, air velocities and temperature distributions in the open vestibule, in the open foyer extending over two floors and a sufficiently large outdoor area were modelled with a numerical flow model.

Two typical regional wind conditions and outdoor temperatures were considered as boundary conditions.

As a result, measures were identified that ensure comfort in the entrance area even under unfavourable external weather conditions.