Flow simulations help to fight virus spread

The corona virus pandemic with its serious consequences in all areas of life shows the strong need to catch up in terms of technical optimization of infection protection. This is particularly evident in places where people meet every day, such as workplaces, public transport, shops, educational and cultural institutions.

We, ASD GmbH, provide remedy with flow simulations of the propagation of droplets of all sizes up to aerosol clouds. With our long-term expertise, we uncover potential dangers and show efficient prevention measures.

For short-term, retrospective hygiene measures, fast predictions and visualizations help to effectively implement a hygiene concept, e.g. with the installation of partition walls or by means of ventilation and disinfection. In the long term, preventive measures to reduce the spread of germs and viruses, e.g. through the installation of ventilation systems, can be already considered during the planning phase of a room or office.

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