Blood pumps

Gentle delivery

Geschwindigkeitsverteilung im Modell einer Blutpumpe

The flow characteristics and hydraulic properties of a blood pump, as well as the damage characteristics of blood (e.g. haemolysis) can be realistically reproduced with the help of 3D flow simulations using modern blood damage models.

The result of the simulations enables a spatially finely resolved analysis of the velocity, pressure and stress distribution in the entire pump. In addition to determining haemolysis rates and possible thermo-osmosis, the potential for thrombus formation is also depicted. On this basis, effective parameter studies and optimisations of blood pump design are carried out.

Numerical grid of a centrifugal blood pump rotor for performing a flow simulation
Numerical grid for modelling a blood pump geometry
Flow lines in a model of a centrifugal blood pump
Calculated flow lines in a centrifugal blood pump