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ventilation of a patient in an operating room
Medical devices

Anesthesia Technology

Numerical flow models can be used to analyze the complex processes involved in vaporization in an emergency anesthesia machine, taking into account the transfer of

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Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning


Cleanroom simulation represents an important tool to support the elaborate process of flow analysis and qualification for cleanroom approval. Taking into account furnishings, ventilation systems,

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Mechanical Engineering / Process Engineering

Automotive engineering

The ever-increasing demands in areas such as pollutant minimisation, fuel economy, interior climate control, safety for passengers and passers-by, stiffness, vibration behaviour and acoustics, lead

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In addition to the problem of blood coagulation, mechanical blood damage also plays an important role in medical devices in which the blood is exposed

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Product development

Control engineering

With our modern simulation tools, requirements for the control behaviour of a wide variety of systems can be investigated and qualitative and temporal optimisations can be derived.

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