Clearance optimisation

Darstellung der berechneten Stromlinien in einem Dialysatormodell

Using the methods of numerical flow simulation, the global and local flow conditions and the mass transfer in the dialyser can be analysed in detail and, based on this, the clearance properties can be characterised and optimised.

The results of the simulation show how blood purification is influenced by the membrane properties (permeability), the fibre geometry and the flow around the hollow fibres in the dialyzer. The simulation model of ASD GmbH provides accurate predictions of the clearance rates of all relevant substances (urea, creatinine, vitamin B12,…). The virtual dialyzer offers the possibility of efficient dialyzer optimisation through rapid parameter and geometry variations. This allows precise predictions to be made about dialysis function and haemocompatibility for example thrombus formation even before prototype construction and clinical testing.

Microscope image of hollow fibre bundle dialyzer
Hollow fibre bundle of a dialyzer
Velocity distribution in a dialyzer (blood side)
Velocity distribution in a dialyzer (blood side)