Orthopaedic implants

A strong connection

bone plate loading stresses on midfoot

Traumatological and orthopaedic implants are components such as screws, plates and nails for the restoration of injured bones and endoprostheses for the replacement of diseased joints. In addition to assessing the static strength and life time of the implant, the characterisation of the bone-implant bond is also of great interest in the development and design of implants.

Stress distributions and deformations are available for the assessment of static strength and durability. Based on the calculated contact stresses and the relative movements at the interfaces, the loosening behaviour of prostheses and the bone damage potential can be estimated.

Implanted bone nail in a humerus
Bone nail in an upper arm
Stress distribution on a bone screw thread under torsional load
Stress distribution on the thread of a bone screw under torsional load