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Spannungen an einem Hohlschrauben-Dental-Implantat
Medical devices

Dental implants

With a length of 8-14 mm and a diameter of 3-5 mm, dental implants must withstand masticatory forces of up to 500 N for decades.

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density distribution in a bone

Bone damage

Density distribution in the bone under typical load: X-ray image, calculated without and with implant

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Lebensdauer Dental Implantat
Product development

Life time of components

Based on the results of FE simulation analyses and the use of material heave lines the creep or fatigue strength of components from all sectors can be determined with the variation of different designs and materials.

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Simulation des Gießvorganges eines medizinischen Schraubdeckels mit Temperaturverlauf und Schmelzfront
Product development

Material consumption

A material-related resource efficiency, the substitution of non-sustainable raw materials, an optimal recycling behaviour and a lightweight construction, which of course must not exclude an adequate service life …

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