Aerosol prediction
Aerosol prediction

Welcome to ASD Advanced Simulation & Design GmbH.

ASD offers services and innovations that focus on the use of modern simulation methods for your product development. Our core business is high-level computer simulation of fluid flows, structure-mechanical systems, thermal and chemical processes as well as biological issues in complex systems. Using well-established engineering tools, such as the Finite-Element-Method (FEM / FEA) or Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), we support your product development by quickly and reliably providing meaningful, descriptive insights, e.g. into the flow field or temperature distributions within your equipment, the stress condition, vibration behaviour or lifespan of your component or into the compatibility of biological substances in an artificial organ or medical device.
This detailed three-dimensional, realistic information allows our clients to benefit from a functional and efficient design and target-oriented dimensioning of components. Digital prototyping featuring simulation-based design optimisation saves you unnecessary preliminary tests and elaborate revisions of final products, thus making them even more innovative and high-performing.

In addition to offering numerical analysis of flow, structural-mechanical, thermal and chemical processes in general engineering applications, ASD is your specialist for the design and optimisation of biomedical systems and artificial organs aiming at high functionality and biocompatibility.
With our modern simulation technologies for biological processes, such as blood damage, coagulation processes (thrombosis), cell metabolism and cell growth, bone damage and tissue remodelling, ASD is an established, internationally recognised partner for our clients in the biomedical device, biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries which outsource related R&D and product design tasks.

You can find out more about our comprehensive range of services for complex simulations and analyses and their varied spectrum of applications on our webpages.


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