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ASD Web App – DIY Simulation Toolkit

As one result of the research cooperation project “3D PIVOT – 3D bio-Printing for Insulin producing Vascularized Organs following Tumor resection” ASD GmbH can present the development and implementation of a multifunctional web application. The “ASD Simulation Toolkit” allows both experts and non-experts to use the following novel “do-it-yourself” simulation tools:

The Vascular Tree module allows to generate unique branched flow structures very individually based on physical laws and in analogy to biological vascular networks in the organism (vascular trees). The most important flow parameters are calculated and presented to the user in the web interface. By varying the input parameters, even vascular networks similar to complex organs, such as liver or lung, can be simulated. Depending on the application, coupled tree structures with an arbitrary number of inflows and outflows can also be created. Transfer to a 3D-printing systems is universally possible without hardware-related printer limitations.

– The diffusion solver allows the systematic virtual testing and visualization of supply conditions and metabolic processes in cell culture systems for very individual, freely selectable cell cluster configurations. The time-dependent supply of cells with vital nutrients, such as oxygen, is physically correct simulated and combined with the cell-specific metabolism. This application also enables the consideration of modern requirements, such as those encountered in 3D printing of cell culture systems. As a result, the vitality of the cell culture can be predicted in a very short time depending on the specific conditions selected, and experimental conditions can be optimized accordingly.

A hardware-independent and flexible accessibility for potential users is offered via the modern web interface.

You are welcome to test the web app free of charge. Send us an email with the subject “request” and we will generate a personal access key for you. 

For further information we are of course at your disposal!