Teilnehmer am Meeting des Förderprojektes 3D Pivot

Research project “3D Pivot”

The aim of the recently launched collaborative project “3D Pivot – 3D bio-Printing for Insulin producing Vascularized Organs following Tumour resection” is to further develop the technology for sustainable bioprinting and organ replacement based on 3D bioprinting.

It is intended to provide a viable implantable pancreas in patients with pancreatic cancer who undergo a partial or complete pancreatectomy. Once the technology has proven to be functional, it can also be transmitted to patients with diabetes.

In this project, ASD GmbH is responsible for the development of a simulation-based method for optimising the perfusion of 3D-printed cell systems. This modelling software for individual blood vessel and perfusion simulation is intended to ensure viability and sufficiently small microcirculation at each tissue location in the printed cell composite, as the lack of adequate perfusion and thus nutrient transport by diffusion alone leads to cell death.

The novel software for the generation of 3D tissue models and the development of a special bioprinter for beta-cell organoids with integrated incubator together with rationalization of the cell acquisition and proliferation process are intended to successfully lay the foundations for the bioprinting of an artificial pancreas.

The “3D Pivot” project is being carried out within the framework of the European funding program “Eurostars”. The German partners are receiving funding from the Federal Ministry of Education and Research.