Blutpumpe Strömungssimulation Hämolyse

Predicting blood damage

Hemolysis and the formation of thrombi are usually undesirable phenomena in blood pumps, dialyzers and other blood-carrying medical devices. ASD has been developing simulation models for evaluating biological compatibility for over 20 years. With simultaneous optimization of the technical functionality, innovative devices and artificial organs with excellent biocompatibility are developed together with our customers.

As part of the research project “MikroLas – Surfaces shaped by photonics” (founded by BMBF), the expertise of ASD in the field of blood damage analysis was further expanded to consider special surface effects. With the developed technology, a detailed evaluation of targeted microstructuring of implant surfaces is carried out, for example, to obtain superhydrophobic, blood-repellent surface structures. Precise simulations enable the visualization of the complex processes of cell damage, hemolysis and thrombosis for a medical device together with the evaluation of the influence of the surface structure.

This leads to entirely new possibilities for optimizing implants and devices with innovative surfaces.

Contact us to evaluate with us the applicability of a simulation-based blood damage assessment to your product!

Released hemoglobin on a microstructured surface
Released hemoglobin on a microstructured surface
... in a bloodpump
… in a bloodpump